Edmonton Church Of Christ

Church Of Christ salute you Romans 16:16

Worship with us every:

  • Sunday : 9am - 12pm
  • Saturday :5pm - 6pm
  • Tuesday :6pm - 7pm

Bounces Road Community Hall,
1 Foxglove Close N9 8LW

Seasoned speakers and men and women filled with the Spirit of God have been sheduled to speak. Come and connect with someone on Sarurday, 31st July 2021

Mon, 12/07/2021 to Sat, 31/07/2021
Sun, 29/11/2020

prayer request

The youth are organized to attend youth lectureships where they interact with youth from other congregations, do lead services on youth weekends, lead evangelism on specific month and they also get the opportunity to visit places of interest to aid their spiritual and circular education.


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